Real Estate Safety and Beyond Program Day 1


CE: 8 hours (3 law)
PLE: 3 Technology & Data Security, 2 Risk Management, 1 Disclosure, 2 Electives
GRI Electives: 8 Hours

The Real Estate Safety and Beyond Certification Program covers how to protect your money, your family, your business, and even your life from the dark web, identity theft, cyber scams, physical threats, and data theft to create a safer tomorrow.

For Real Estate Safety and Beyond Day 1, you will complete modules one, two, and three which cover information security, identity theft, and cybercrime. Real Estate Safety and Beyond Day 2 is the second course where you will be continuing on to modules four, five, and six. In those modules, you will be learning about personal security, real estate security, and social media security. Real Estate Safety and Beyond Day 2 is a separate course from Day 1 and would need to be purchased separately unless it was included in a package you purchased