GRI Package



The 2023 GRI Package (GRI 100 – 600) can only be used for courses in 2023. They WILL NOT transfer to any future classes. If your local board is providing a GRI Webinar course and a discount is offered off their scheduled GRI course(es), you can choose the class, but there would be no pricing change or adjustment to the package price. Any GRI Classroom courses selected are not transferable.

To purchase a 2023 GRI Package, you must complete the steps below.

How Does this Work? 

1. Purchase the GRI Package by adding this package to your cart and checkout.
2. Within 1-2 business days you will receive coupon codes to the email address connected to your KRI account.
3. When you are ready to register for any of the GRI courses, you will come back to this page, add the GRI course(s) to your cart and at the end of checkout apply the coupon code(s), which will change the course to $0.00 and submit your registration. The GRI Package coupon codes expire on 12/31/2023.

Note: Make sure to review the details of each course prior to registering to learn about that course and cancellation policies.

By purchasing a transfer you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in KRI’s Policies and Procedures.