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As of January 1, 2016, post-license education is required in Kentucky. Pursuant to the law, post-license education in Kentucky will require new sales associate licensees to complete forty-eight (48) hours of post-license education courses within two (2) years of obtaining a real estate license.


Kentucky REALTOR® Institute provides both classroom/webinar or online options to complete your post-licensing education. You can view those by clicking the catalogs above.

If you register for a classroom/webinar course in the catalog, make sure it counts for PLE credit by clicking on the course details link below the course name. The online PLE catalog lists the PLE hours on the front page.

With our online education, you can select multiple types of courses for different types of learning styles. Otherwise, if you prefer a classroom or webinar, you may want to check out our GRI program and all the benefits of completing your PLE with GRI. By completing 6 GRI courses (GRI 100 - 600) by webinar or classroom courses, you will complete your PLE Requirements, as well as receive CE Credit, Broker Credit, and on your way to finishing up a designation to be proud of called Graduate REALTOR Institute (GRI). Check out the GRI Webinar information below for more information. 

Per Kentucky law, students are not allowed to complete more than 9 hours of Post-Licensing coursework per day. It's the student's responsibility to track their hours. Please contact KRI with any questions.


By taking the GRI 100 - 600 you will be covered
for the required 48 hours of Post-licensing education.


  • Your license will be cancelled if not completed within 24 months of being licensed

  • ​PLE courses can NOT be taken twice to receive duplicate PLE credit

  • You are not allowed to complete more than 9 hours of post-licensing education coursework per day

  • You are not required to take CE during the two calendar years of being licensed and completing your PLE courses. On the third calendar year, you will then be required to complete the necessary continuing education requirements by December 31st of that year.

  • PLE is not required of sales associate licensed prior to January 1, 2016

  • Sales associate licensees who receive their license through the license reciprocity process are also required to take PLE.

  • New broker licensees are not required to complete PLE

  • Once you affiliate your new sales associate license with a principal broker, the two-year clock to complete the 48-hour requirement begins to run and cannot be paused or stopped if you decide to go into inactive status after having been affiliated with a principal broker, You will need to complete these requirements even while in inactive status or risk license cancellation.

  • Per the regulation changes on December 16th, 2019, PLE mandatory hours can now roll over to electives if you have taken more than the required hours.

PLE Course Curriculum

The 48 hours post-license course curriculum consists of 32 mandatory hours and 16 elective hours.  The mandatory hours must cover the following topics as listed below:



Commission Compliance course












Fair Housing


Technology & Data Security


Risk Management


​PLE courses are required to be real estate specific, to provide practical knowledge of the brokerage business; to protect the public interest and must be practicum based. For information on the types of course topics that will meet both the 32 mandatory hours and the 16 elective hours, you can email kri@kyrealtors.com or call us at 859.309.6059.

In order for a licensee to receive Post-License Education (PLE) credit for a course, the course must be approved by the Commission for PLE credit.

Make sure to review the Post-license Information on the KREC website for more details.