Brokers Education

Kentucky REALTOR® Institute is your one-stop shop to complete your Broker Education hours, making you eligible to sit for the Kentucky Brokers Exam. 



  • Experience: Two (2) years of experience working at least twenty hours a week as a licensee. The experience verification affidavit is only provided, as a part of the application, by the testing service once the exam has been passed.
  • Education:  Twenty-one (21) credit hours with twelve (12) in real estate from an accredited college and three (3) of the twelve (12) credit hours in Brokerage Management the additional nine (9) credit hours completed in electives; or three hundred thirty-six (336) classroom hours in real estate from an approved proprietary school with forty-eight (48) of the hours in Brokerage Management.  

**Licensees should send in Form #207 Broker Education Review Form to the KREC or submit a request on the KREC services portal, along with completion certificates, reports or transcripts, and a $10 check or money order ($20 if cancelled) to obtain an education review. All education and experience must be completed before taking the broker exam.

As of March 1, 2022, Pre-licensing education (96) hours will no longer be counted as hours towards obtaining a broker's license.

Example of an Applicant’s Education:

 Hours Required

        Courses Taken

   Completed Hours

 336 Hours Required

 = 192 Hours

 192 Hours

 = 144 Hours

 144 Hours

 =  96 Hours

 96 Hours

 = 0


  • Nine (9) college electives credit hoursThis is the equivalent of 144 hours in real estate education and is the highest number of electives accepted by the Commission. If the licensee has not completed nine college elective hours, they must complete 144 hours in real estate courses. If you have questions, please contact KREC.
    • Calculation Notes: Each college credit hour is worth 16 classroom hours (Example: Brokerage Management 3 credit hours = 48 classroom hours). Some colleges are on a quarter-hour basis.  KREC only accepts 2/3 of quarter hours (Example: Real Estate Law - 3 quarter hours x 2/3 = 2 credit hours or 32 classroom hours).
  • Brokerage Management (48 Hours) – This is the only mandatory course for broker applicants. This course must have been completed on or after September of 2000 to qualify.)
  • GRI 100 – 600 (48 Hours) – These courses are not required but recommended.  The GRI provides CE hours as well as hours toward the most recognized designations available to real estate professionals.
  • Principles of Home Inspection (96 Broker Curriculum Hours) or other hours are located by clicking here.